FlashCard Generator Instructions

Thank you for purchasing one of the QRA applications.

In this new update I included a new Flashcard module that allows you to build flashcards right here at myJetQRA.com.
This will allow you to build your flashcard decks in less time and on a larger screen.

Here’s a brief howto, to get you started!

Once you install the QRA app on your device, if you tap the Cards button takes you to the flashcards, but the screen will be blank, just horizontal lines. This brief visit to the Cards module creates a folder on your device named after the app you purchased. This is where the flashcard file will be loaded. Once loaded, the next time you tap Cards, the new cards will be there!

Let’s look at the process.

When you visit the FlashCard Generator page you will see a form where you can add your flashcards. You can start adding flashcards by typing in your Question/Term and the Answer/Definition.

Every time you finish a card, press +Add Card to add another card. There is no limit on how many cards you add to your deck.

Once you are done building your flashcard deck, add your filename and press Generate.

This will cover the screen in a light red hue while the file is being generated. Once generated, the save file dialog on your computer will appear.
Make sure you save the file in a location where it will be easy to locate later. If you are working on this from your device, you can immediately save this file to the QRA folder. If you are on an Apple computer you can airdrop the file to your device, or if you are on a non apple computer you can email the file to your device.

Once you send the file to the device, choose to save with the Files app, or any file manager app downloaded from the appstore.

Choose On My iPad>QRA folder.

Now you can go into the QRA app and tap Cards. Your new flashcards will be right there ready to review!


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