• PrincePilot
    Great app. Good for oral preparation on all the systems on Embraer 175.
  • Dub1488
    This app is amazing. This helped me along with a plethora of other pilots. The info and structure was top notch and made learning the EJET easier for systems integration
  • cacosta29
    Great app, all information clear and to the point. If you are flying this aircraft this is the app to have.
  • Lee1101
    This app made my E175 oral a breeze and replaced all my study material except for company-specific manuals. Thanks!
  • 212workout
    Great app. Clear, concise info. Well put together with a clean layout. Makes studying anywhere very easy.
  • daltonchoc
    Very good, helped me understand all the information easier, well organized
  • Darth Snatheol
    This app is a great help for those studying the systems and limitations of the E-175. I used it as a reference while studying for my test and oral and it never failed to answer any questions I had. Everything is detailed, clear and easy to find so it will save you a lot of time while studying. Highly recommend it.
    Darth Snatheol
  • DRGFinancial
    Like the title says. This has all the information you need to know as a pilot of the Embraer 175. It’s easy to navigate through, make notes, make your own flash cards, it’s the only reference you’ll need. The only thing that could make it better is if it could take the test for you.
  • Flyingwulf

    I purchased this app while in ground school and it was instrumental in learning the systems. The developer took all of the important information needed for the systems and compiled it into a user friendly format at your finger tips. This app does well to explain the inner workings of the E-jet in terms that are easily understandable and concise. I recommend this app if you are going through systems training. ??



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